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Try #10 | My Neighbor

There are one thousand odes I could write to my dog. Each one will be long-winded and overly-sentimental and reduce me to tears from the first sentence to the last. Neighbor is what brings me joy and is also one of my greatest factors of stress. I wouldn’t trade him for the entire world.

So, instead of writing about how much I love Neighbor, because it is embarrassing how much I love a dog (…or is it?),  I will write about the top ten things Neighbor has taught me in his short, three-year run as my precious pup.

#10: It’s okay to play in the dirt. It washes off.

#9: Cuddling is special. Don’t waste it on just anybody.

#8: Drink lots of water.

#7: Eat your greens. Especially if you don’t feel well.

#6: Love is unconditional.

#5: Never feel guilty for sleeping all day if it’s what you need.

#4: Sometimes burying your favorite toy is the best way to make it last even longer.

#3: Squirrels are kind of mean and deserve to be chased.

#2: Trips to the park don’t last forever; make them last.

#1: And finally, start every morning out with a good stretch.



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